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Annual Leadership Summit

The CAAEN Leadership Summit is the prime opportunity to share and learn among employee resource groups (ERGs).  Since 2006, CAAEN has been holding the summits in the fourth quarter, hosted by various members.  It provides an opportunity to showcase best practices around developing employee resource group leadership, obtaining senior executive support and participation, effective company and member communications, gaining or increasing funding; programming and increasing member participation.  Attendees are expected to meet and network with motivated and passionate employee network/affinity group leaders, advocates and supporters.  The target audience for the Summit includes the employee resource group (ERG) leadership and their HR counterparts (e.g. Diversity / Employee Development).

Below are PowerPoint presentations from our past events.

2011 CAAEN Summit

IBM, San Jose, CA

Some of the organizers and presenters.

2010 CAAEN Summit

November 12, 2010
Location Intel Headquarters, Sunnyvale, CA

2009 CAAEN Summit

November 13th 2009
Hosted at Intuit Inc., Mountain View

2008 CAAEN Summit

November 14th 2008
Hosted at Charles Schwab, San Francisco.

2008 CAAEN Summit