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2013 CAAEN Board Elections

posted Nov 27, 2013, 2:00 AM by Brian Hall   [ updated Nov 27, 2013, 2:27 AM ]

Dear CAAEN Community:

We are seeking nominations for enthusiastic volunteers from within the CAAEN family of ERG and IM members to serve on 2014's CAAEN Leadership Board or Directors. 

In 2013, CAAEN has continued to serve the Asian American Corporate Network by hosting strong networking and educational events, graduating another class of successful Leadership Training Program students, and solidifying ties with the Asian-American Community. If you or someone you know is interested in being nominated next year's CAAEN Executive Board, please have the nominee fill out the Nomination Application Form. We ask that nominations and self-nominations be forwarded to the nomination committee at nomination@caaen.org by no later than Friday, December 6th, 2013 so that the team may move quickly to select and create the slate of candidates for elections.  


The 2013 Elections for 2014's Board include these following positions, which can be shared as "Co-Chairs":  

  • Chair (potentially 2 Co-Chairs)
  • Vice Chair of Leadership
  • Vice Chair of Events
  • Vice Chair of Marketing
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Details can be found below.

The elected board term will begin on January 1, 2014 and end on December 31, 2014. However, the training of the elected candidates will start in late December 2013 to guide the transition of the board members into their positions.

The election committee will review the nominations submitted, and the slate will be provided in early December prior the the Year-End Luncheon.   


Please feel free to direct any questions you have about the election process to nomination@caaen.org

CAAEN Officer Roles

The CAAEN Officer (Board Member) role in at CAAEN is threefold:

  1. to provide a means for the Officer to communicate and work with the ERG’s, the Community, and each other, and
  2. to inform CAAEN Members about important activities happening at the CAAEN
  3. to practice to be a better personal and organizational leader in the community

The CAAEN Board of Officers also assists with recruiting ERG members to participate in a variety of CAAEN-wide events, including workshops, activities, etc.

All CAAEN Officers (Board Members)

  1. Represent ERG members from your ERG or IM Group.
  2. Attend all Executive board meetings.
  3. Discuss questions and concerns about issues that relate to the CAAEN and share in the collective work of generating ideas about improving the quality of the CAAEN’s leadership, education and community programs.
  4. Represent the CAAEN at one or more leadership, education or social events.
  5. Obtain CAAEN Member opinions and ideas for improving programs and services.
  6. Communicate the viewpoints, opinions, suggestions, requests and observations from your ERG or IM membership group.

Serve in one of the following Officer positions:


  • Serving our member organizations and making a difference in our communities
  • Promoting, marketing and sustaining CAAEN as a valuable non-profit organization for CAAEN’s members and communities
  • Leading CAAEN’s tradition to mentor, inspire, and succeed in 2013 with new services, programs and events
  • Inspiring, mentoring and energizing team members and partners
  • Providing strategic guidance and profitable and sustainable model for the organization
  • Continuing CAAEN’s vision to be the most valuable partner to Asian Employee Resource Groups among the public, private, and educational sectors


  • Manage CAAEN’s finances and budget
  • Provide timely updates of budget
  • Timely filing of all taxes and public documents as required by the law to maintain its non-profit status in good standing

Vice Chair of Events

  • Coordinate CAAEN events which will appeal to a broad range of the internal CAAEN community, and also the external Asian American community.
  • Serve as liaison to ERG members’ events, and CAAEN staff to participate CAAEN’s events.
  • Plan the CAAEN Annual Event
  • Recruit members, and staff to participate in events
  • Promote CAAEN events to the CAAEN community

Vice Chair of Marketing

  • Serve as liaison to the CAAEN external community to establish good community relations to bring awareness to CAAEN’s mission and vision, and the services CAAEN provides
  • Establish good relationships with potential new members to CAAEN
  • Alongside the Vice Chair of Communications, educate the community about CAAEN through all communication portals.

Vice Chair of Leadership Development

  • Plan and host the CAAEN Leadership Development Training Program
  • Act as product manager to provide direction to new training and leadership programs the CAAEN community would like to attend.


  • Take meeting minutes at all CAAEN meetings, post to CAAEN’s shared drives and circulate electronically to all Board members
  • Maintain roster of membership
  • Timely maintenance of membership handbook and policies
  • Create, maintain and administer share points for electronic documents
  • Assist Vice Chair of Communications on maintenance of the CAAEN website.