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Meet the 2012 Board Members

2012 CAAEN Election Candidate Statements

Crystal Kung (CAAEN IM) and James Liu (PG&E) - 2012 Co-Chairs

Chairpersons’ Goals

We are passionate to further improve CAAEN’s future for success by setting the following goals for 2012:
  • - Help CAAEN become a valuable brand in the non-profit leadership development sector. 
  • - Continue to grow Individual Member (IM) group by 50 to 100%. 
  • - Increase charity & donation funding by 20 to 50%. 
  • - Increase corporate membership by at least two more companies. 
  • - Introduce and create new products and programs for CAAEN that is meaningful to members. 
  • - Provide opportunities to increase probability of members’ career success through networking, learning and sharing best practices. 
  • - Grow a better social community within CAAEN. 
  • - Make CAAEN a fun educational organization.

Crystal Kung – 2012 CAAEN Co-Chair


Crystal Kung is the current CAAEN Vice Chair of Communications, Webmaster, and an avid promoter of CAAEN.  She is highly passionate about talent management programs and helping inspire others to realize their personal and professional potential. As a HR technology professional, she has expertise in HR information systems and design, staffing, and experience in finance and IT.

Since graduating from the 2008 CAAEN Leadership Training Program, Crystal has been involved with co-hosting the 2009 Executive Speaker Webinar Series, redesigned the CAAEN website, pushed for social media and technology initiatives, created the groundwork for the CAAEN’s databases, and planned social and signature CAAEN events.

Crystal joined CAAEN when she was a HRIS analyst at AAA NCNU, and was a highly active member of the Asian Pacific Islander Connection employee resource group, and VP of Membership of the AAA Toastmasters “Motor Mouths” club.  She is currently a HR Coordinator at TIBCO Software Inc.

Crystal has a BA in International Relations from UC Davis.  In her free time, Crystal enjoys bringing people together through photography, tech gadgets, badminton, and cycling.

James Liu, MBA, MS, PMP  - 2012 CAAEN Co-Chair

 James Liu is a recent graduate of the 2010 CAAEN Leadership training program. James is passionate about helping others to achieve their professional career goals. He has expertise in business process and implementation with background in business consulting, engineering, finance, and marketing. He is currently a program manager for energy efficiency programs at PG&E.

James is involved with CAAEN for the past couple years, and also highly active in community projects and causes in previous companies and academia. He is currently the Vice President of Corporate Relations of InspirAsian Employee Resource Group at PG&E and a member of Loong Kong Youth Group in San Francisco Chinatown community.  Previously, he served as Assistant Vice President of RAPA-NE (Raytheon Asian Pacific Association – Northeast) in 2004 and 2005. He also served as an academic engineering councilor at UCLA and received honourable engineering achievement awards for student welfare in 2002 and 2003.

James has a BS and a MS in Electrical Engineering from UCLA. He was also awarded his MBA from UC Davis Graduate School of Management in 2010 with a focus in Finance and Marketing. In his free time, James enjoys attending networking events, cycling and helping out his classmates with their startup ideas.

Minh Nguyen (Safeway, Inc)– Vice Chair of Leadership Development


   Minh Nguyen is a jigsaw expert (aka Category Manager) for the Consumer Demand team at Safeway Inc. Under the Marketing umbrella, he is responsible for the P&L of a product group mix. With a passion in business management, retail industry trend and product innovation, Minh enjoys putting the puzzle together to create annual strategic plans. His role involves key decision making on product assortment, placement, pricing and promotional activities.

During the past 9 years at Safeway, Minh has held multiple positions as Category Managers and Analysts across a number of business units, including both Foods and Non-Foods. 

On the personal side, he finds it satisfying to coach others and get involved with diversity initiatives.  Since 2008, Minh has served as a Vice Chair and a Treasurer of the Safeway Asian Network Group. Along the way, he has been both a mentee and mentor to many others.

On a cold winter day, you can find Minh with his snowboard on the snowy mountains of Tahoe. At other times, he is out capturing California beautiful sunsets with his digital camera. So what plans do you have to stay active?

Jordan Lo (Safeway, Inc) – Vice Chair of Communications

Jordan Lo is the Regional Manager of Bakery Sales and Marketing at Safeway, Inc. and has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Network Communications Management. As a member of the Safeway Asian Network Group, Jordan is a recent graduate from the 2011 class of the CAAEN Leadership Development Program. This experience allowed him to integrate his professional training with community service and gave him the opportunity to project lead the Earthquake and Tsunami Relief social event this past June; which, successfully fundraised over $3,000 to benefit the Japanese Community Council of Northern California (JCCNC) Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. Through his experience at Safeway, Jordan can contribute to CAAEN his insight and experience of developing communication infrastructures and targeting marketing and communication plans to achieve specific goals to further CAAEN’s organizational mission. As Chair of Communications, Jordan wants to share best practices by networking through the Asian American employee’s groups so that the CAAEN community can help enrich our current resources and strengthen existing partnerships while establishing new ones in the coming year.  


 Arlene Lum (AT&t) - Treasurer

As the CAAEN Treasurer for the past three years, I single-handedly filed and obtained CAAEN’s 501c3 non-profit status with the IRS.  I helped CAAEN maintain fiscal stability and growth by establishing the annual budget, maintain finance records, keep the Board abreast of our finances as required, and perform regular bookkeeping functions such as invoicing and collecting funds on behalf of CAAEN.  As Treasurer, I also file all necessary documents with government entities such as the IRS, Franchise Tax Board, Secretary of State and the Attorney General’s Office.  If elected as Treasurer, you can be assured of the same level of commitment from me to CAAEN as I have provided in the past three years. 


Armando Rosales (CAAEN IM) – Vice Chair of Events

I have been associated with CAAEN for several years while I was representing Visa, and since my retirement two years ago, it gave me an opportunity to devote more time and actively participate in the committees for all of the CAAEN activities as an Individual Member (IM Group). This year, as the Co-Vice Chair of Events and Leadership Development, I’ve been shadowing our Chair of Events with regard to Leadership Training and the recent Annual Event and upcoming Summit and therefore plan to take on the lead for next year’s signature events as the Vice-Chair of Events.

I retired from Visa, Inc. and held several positions in the IT division, including Sr. Information Systems Analyst and Sr. Software Developer. At Visa, I started the Visa Asian Pacific Islander Employee Association in 2006 (now Visa Asian Employee Network). In my previous employment, I was a member of the Kaiser Permanente Asian Association and co-founded the Schwab Asian Employee Association (now Schwab Network) back in 1997.

Armando was born in Okinawa, Japan and speaks Japanese with native fluency. He also speaks fluent Tagalog. Armando has a BSBA degree from De La Salle University, Manila.


Leonides Jong (PG&E) – Vice Chair of Marketing

As the current Vice-Chair of Marketing for CAAEN for this year, my vision was to "rebrand" CAAEN with a new corporate logo and add a tag line underneath our name. I was able to do this with assistance from one of our member marketing company, IW Group. I was able to introduce a new vision and new brand promise to reinvent ourselves to a broader audience. Also, as Vice-Chair of Marketing for CAAEN, I was able to have Clorox and Ernst & Young companies join CAAEN in 2011.

I'm also the former president of PG&E's InspirAsian Employee Resource Group (ERG). Because of my

experience of leading employee resource groups and being on various non-profits board of directors, I was asked by PG&E's management to be on two ERG's leadership teams at PG&E currently: the Samahan (Filipino) Employee Resource Group and the Latino/Hispanic Employee Resource Group.

I feel I am well qualified for this position for CAAEN because I have established good relations with the community and all employee resource groups leaders from different companies. I have good customer service skills, good business sense for navigating and mapping business strategies, good organization skills, and good financial know-how. I have experience on being on the board of directors of a non-profit.

I have organized CAAEN's Annual Events at PG&E, Cisco, Chevron, and Safeway and PG&E's company events. I got the CAAEN's, InspirAsian, and Samahan ERG's members involved in those events by working collaboratively with other companies' employee resource groups committee leaders and toward the PG&E's company's goals of supporting our communities, delighting our customers, and energizing our employees. Our collective efforts are making an impact solidifying PG&E's position as the leading utility in the United States and CAAEN's position as a top organization.

My goals for CAAEN are to increase our company memberships and expand the leadership mentoring program. My heart is with CAAEN, and I'm always putting the organization and its needs at the forefront.


Debbie Wu (CAAEN IM)- Secretary

As the CAAEN Secretary for the past 3 years, I published monthly newsletters, managed the CAAEN distribution lists, and documented minutes from the face-to-face meetings.  In 2010-2011 we added several new CAAEN member companies, so our distribution list is getting bigger.  I worked for Hewlett-Packard as a Project Manager for over 15 years and was part of the HP Asian Pacific Employee Network steering committee.  Now, I am part of CAAEN’s Individual Member group and work as an Immigration Project Manager at Olender Pham.  If I'm selected to continue as the CAAEN Secretary, the members can count on me to keep you updated on upcoming events and to keep you in touch with one another.