Jordan Lo

Vice Chair of Communications & Senior Director of Communications

Jordan Lo is the Regional Manager of Bakery Sales and Marketing at Safeway, Inc. and has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Network Communications Management. As a member of the Safeway Asian Network Group, Jordan is a recent graduate from the 2011 class of the CAAEN Leadership Development Program. This experience allowed him to integrate his professional training with community service and gave him the opportunity to project lead the Earthquake and Tsunami Relief social event this past June; which, successfully fund-raised over $3,000 to benefit the Japanese Community Council of Northern California (JCCNC) Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. Through his experience at Safeway, Jordan can contribute to CAAEN his insight and experience of developing communication infrastructures and targeting marketing and communication plans to achieve specific goals to further CAAEN’s organizational mission. As Chair of Communications, Jordan wants to share best practices by networking through the Asian American employee’s groups so that the CAAEN community can help enrich our current resources and strengthen existing partnerships while establishing new ones in the coming year.