Armando Rosales

Vice Chair of Events and Sr. Director of Events

I have been associated with CAAEN for several years while I was representing Visa, and since my retirement two years ago, it gave me an opportunity to devote more time and actively participate in the committees for all of the CAAEN activities as an Individual Member (IM Group). This year, as the Co-Vice Chair of Events and Leadership Development, I’ve been shadowing our Chair of Events with regard to Leadership Training and the recent Annual Event and upcoming Summit and therefore plan to take on the lead for next year’s signature events as the Vice-Chair of Events.

I retired from Visa, Inc. and held several positions in the IT division, including Sr. Information Systems Analyst and Sr. Software Developer. At Visa, I started the Visa Asian Pacific Islander Employee Association in 2006 (now Visa Asian Employee Network). In my previous employment, I was a member of the Kaiser Permanente Asian Association and co-founded the Schwab Asian Employee Association (now Schwab Network) back in 1997.

Armando was born in Okinawa, Japan and speaks Japanese with native fluency. He also speaks fluent Tagalog. Armando has a BSBA degree from De La Salle University, Manila.

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