Arlene Lum

Treasurer and Sr. Director of Finance

Arlene Lum was born and raised in San Francisco, but moved to the Easy Bay in the early 70’s. She’s a graduate of San Francisco State University in Marketing, Accounting, and Math.

Arlene has been with Pacific Bell, SBC, and now AT&T for 43 years. During her 43 years of employment, she has held many interesting positions starting from an Operator to Long-Range Forecasting, managing the company’s Contributions and Memberships programs, Account Executive, Sales Instructor, Strategic Market Planning and Market Management targeting the ethnic customers. Currently, Arlene is responsible for managing the information on the website and leads the team that interacts with business customers going through the website.

Arlene is fortunate to have a very supportive family to allow her to be very active in the community. Arlene is a graduate of the San Leandro Leadership Program and has begun her involvement in the San Leandro community by serving on the Board of Directors for the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce and chairing the Asian Business Council.  She also serves on the Alameda County Civil Service Commission as well as the San Leandro Library and Historical Commission.   Besides serving as the Treasurer for CAAEN, Arlene also serves as the Chairperson for the Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Treasurer for the Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce, Treasurer for Asians for Corporate and Community Action, the AT&T Asian employee organization, and the Vice President of the Asian Community Cultural Association of San Leandro. 

Arlene not only volunteers endlessly to help numerous community-based organizations in their fund-raising efforts; she also elicits the support of her husband Paul, her four children, and other family and friends.