Donations to the Corporate Asian American Employee Network

Asian Americans make up five percent of the population in the United States and over 30% in the Bay Area. The percentage of Asian Americans with college and advanced degrees out rank any other ethnic groups. More than 30% of all technical/engineering jobs in the Bay Area are held by Asian Americans, yet, the number of senior ranking Asian Pacific Americans (APA) still lag as a percentage of the working population. According to a study conducted by CEI, only 2.2% of total Board seats of the Fortune 100 companies in 2009 are held by Asian Americans and the percent drops dramatically when we consider the Fortune 500 companies.

Our cultural norm of humility and humbleness has been the top hurdles in career advancement for APAs. CAAEN provides Leadership Training to help develop future Asian American leaders to overcome hurdles.

CAAEN gives you an opportunity to play an active role in this effort by making monetary donations or sponsorship of our events. CAAEN is recognized by the IRS as an official public 501c3 non-profit organization. Our EIN number is 51-0660037. All donors will be acknowledged.

For more information about donations or sponsorship opportunities, please contact