Join the Corporate Asian American Employee Network

Here’s How We Can Help You

  • CAAEN provides a forum to learn how to enhance the effectiveness of the Asian ERGs through the sharing of best practices
  • CAAEN provides leadership skills training targeting Asian employees
  • CAAEN provides ERG members with mentoring with Asian executives and networking opportunities outside of the normal work and family channels
  • CAAEN provides volunteer opportunities in community projects and practice leadership skills in a non-threatening environment

Corporate Employee Resource Group Benefits

CAAEN provides value-added services that Employee Resource Groups can offer to its members.

  • Leadership Training Program (leadership development, communication skills, mentoring, and hands on project management)
  • Executive Webinars and Discussion Panels
  • Professional networking opportunities outside of immediate circle of family and friends
  • Fully coordinated community service events, such as Dragon Boat Races, Hepatitis B Awareness Campaign, etc.

CAAEN can also help Employee Resource Groups grow and operate more efficiently by providing a forum to share best practices with other Employee Resource Groups.

As a collaborative of Asian Employee Resource Groups, issues affecting Asian employees can be raised and shared with corporate executives more effectively.

Membership Categories

CAAEN Organization Membership (O.M):

  • A traditional membership format for corporations with an established Asian Employee Resource Group (ERG) joins though our membership guidelines.
  • CAAEN (O.M) has voting power to elect CAAEN Executive Board Members.

CAAEN Associate Membership (A.M):

  • A transitional membership class between CAAEN (O.M) and CAAEN (I.M).
  • CAAEN (A.M) is open to employees/members of companies/organizations that may have the potential to form an Asian ERG.
  • CAAEN (A.M) is also a opportunity for a group of Asian American employees who want to experience the benefits of CAAEN and its activities.
  • Under CAAEN (A.M), the company or organization can list up to five (5) participants.
  • The five (5) selected participants would have the same benefits as any other types of membership. (See above for CAAEN Member Benefits and Access) and mentoring from CAAEN officers who can help them develop their own ERG.
  • CAAEN (AM) members act as its own entity in a group and not as individual.

CAAEN Individual Membership (I.M):

  • An individual membership for professionals who cannot join an Asian ERG at their company (ERG doesn’t exist at company or is no longer active).
  • CAAEN (I.M) members have the same benefits as any other types of membership. (See above for CAAEN Member Benefits and Access)
  • CAAEN (I.M) is offered to individuals who are willing to contribute actively to CAAEN and align with CAAEN mission statement with their desired experience and skills that will support and further CAAEN’s mission.
  • Membership is offered through recommendation and referral by CAAEN Board Members or Advisors.

To Join

Asian Employee organizations interested in joining CAAEN should contact the following :

Membership Applications

Please mail back to obtain the following membership application:

  • Organization Membership & Associate Membership Application
  • Individual Membership Application