Asian Employee Network

of Chevron Corporation


Mission Statement


Develop an inclusive work environment where Asian-origin employees will grow professionally and personally to their full potential and benefit Chevron business by their unique insights on Asia and on Asian communities worldwide.

Key Initiatives

  • Career Advancement:  Provide cross-network mentoring programs for management and technical advancement.  Assist members to identify their career objectives and development plans.

  • Internal Activities:  Celebration of Asian Pacific Heritage Month with key speakers, cultural programs, information sharing and ethnic foods; Lunar New Year celebration; Summer Intern on-boarding;
    participating with corporate management for Chevron support of major events in Asia.

  • External Activities:  Annual CAAEN events, Richmond cleanup, Los Angeles Lotus Festival, Houston Diversity Summit, and partnerships with Ascend and Asia Society.

  • Business Awareness and Impact:  Partnership with Chevron management to enhance business awareness and impact business development in Asian communities and in Asia.