CAAEN Individual Member Group (IM)

Individual Members (IM) Group
  of CAAEN

Mission Statement

  • CAAEN Individual Members (IM) Group was established to support individual professionals who are alumni or are not part of a CAAEN member company employee resource group or an Associate Member company. 

  • Individual members are collectively considered a group.  The  CAAEN IM Group has its own leadership team with their own processes and activities aligned with CAAEN?s mission and values. 

  • The CAAEN IM Group is an integral part of the collective of CAAEN member organizations, and helps to maintain our talent as well as bring fresh ideas to CAAEN.

Key Initiatives

The CAAEN IM Group contributes actively by leveraging its professional members? experiences and skills to support and further CAAEN?s Mission.
The group supports CAAEN by:

  • Serving a minimum of 10-20 hours annually (attend IM group conference calls; volunteer in a CAAEN event; attend bi-monthly face-to-face meetings, etc.)

  • Taking an active role in committees

  • Promoting, maintaining and forging relationships (introduce CAAEN, support CAAEN activities, establish & recruit new ERG members or partners, etc.)

  • Participating and representing CAAEN in other capacities as needed

  • Partnering with other Asian American professional organizations

  • Contributing financial support to CAAEN

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