Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics
Mission Statement
Envisioned as a vehicle to develop future leaders, LEAP is a national, non-profit
organization founded in 1982 with a mission to achieve full participation and
equality for APAs.  LEAP works to achieve this mission by: 
        Developing People, because leaders are made, not born;      
        Informing Society, because leaders know the issues; and
        Empowering Communities, because leaders are grounded in strong, vibrant
Unmatched in vision and scope, LEAP offers leadership training, publishes original public policy research, and conducts community education to advance a comprehensive strategy of APA empowerment.
Key Initiatives
     5 day Leadership Development Program
     3 day Path to Professional Success
     3 day High Performance Leadership program
     3 day Leading with Impact
     2.5 day Senior Managers Leadership Forum
     Leadership workshops and presentations