Visa Asian Employee Network 



The purpose of the Visa Asian Employee Network (VAEN) Employee Resource Group is to support Visa's diversity and inclusion mission by:

·         Promoting and fostering the development of all Asian and Pacific Islander employees, whereby enabling our unique talents, rich cultural heritage and values to enhance Visa's competitive advantage.

·         Ensuring that Visa is socially responsible with respect to the concerns of its Asian and Pacific Islander employees and the broader community.



·         To provide a forum to network, educate and exchange ideas and information for the primary benefit of Visa Inc and its employees.

·         To increase awareness of current and historical issues unique to the Asian and Pacific Islander communities and cultures, and to increase Visa's participation in these communities.

·         To promote the recruitment, retention and development of Asian and Pacific Islander employees.

·         To continue reaching out to our communities.


I am unique.

And I work at Visa.